Om Pendant

by Kayen & Co
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💎 Item Code: PD009415DI8W0001

💎 Diamond Clarity: VS-SI

💎 Diamond Carat Weight: 1.074

💎 Diamond Color: White Diamonds

💎 Diamond Shape: Round

💎 Setting: Pave

💎 Item Weight: 8.65 Grams

Kayen & Co

Founded in 2017, Kayen & Co is a family owned and operated jewellery business based in both New York and Hong Kong. The family behind Kayen & Co have been in the jewellery business from 1967 and have continued to integrate their family values into all of their ventures since. Passed on from generation to generation, Kayen & Co combines the integrity of the humble beginnings with a focus towards the new era of creative, individualistic and one of a kind jewellery. From simple pieces that used to be bought for investment and tradition, Kayen & Co bring you jewellery pieces that will be treasured for their identity and one-of-a-kind memorabilia. Thanks to our trusting group of designers and craftsmen, collaborating with us to design your next keepsake will be as smooth sailing as it should be. Kayen & Co is involved in every stage of the process when making your precious pieces, from the sourcing of each diamond and stone to creating CAD designs to make sure your dreams become a reality.