Quartz Rock Crystal – The Largest Crystal in Europe – 2.5 ton

by Membrini
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We were able to purchase this natural wonder “fresh out of the mountain” directly after the time-consuming and dangerous salvage in an uncleaned condition on the mine in Arkansas. A major trading risk was the valuation of the piece before the difficult cleaning from iron oxide. As it showed, we were very lucky this time. The result after the weeks of cleaning exceeded even our wildest hopes, fascinating brilliance and captivating clarity came to the fore.


This rock crystal group impresses with its incredible size and the perfect crystallization with excellent shine. On the back side is a beautiful fissure visible. This is the largest piece that has come to light in the 80-year history of this region’s most significant mine. This gigantic group is the most beautiful and perfect that is currently in private hands. It is the largest one-piece rock crystal group in Europe – in absolute museum quality. Actually, it can neither be expressed in words nor is it to be duly recorded photographically. You have to stand in front of it to truly appreciate how great the crystal is.




Mineral: Quartz (rock crystal)


Locality: Mt. Ida, Arkansas, USA


Age : 270 million years


Dimensions : 190 x 105 x 130 cm


Weight : 2,5 tons”


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