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Millionaire shopping club is pleased to announce the Millionaire token (MILL) this cryptocurrency token developed by Millionaire Shopping Club is the first currency for the Luxury market which will be implemented into the Millionaire Shopping Club marketplace in 2019.

The Token is an ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain, with a circulating supply of only 20MM, these tokens will be given in the form of points to buyers and sellers on the platform. These points will also be able to be used to purchase items from the platform. This will be the first Marketplace platform which actually gives something back to the sellers as well as the buyers. Sellers receive a percentage of there fee back in MILL token.

Millionaire shopping club has been gaining continuous support from our luxury vendors and partners, the platform continues to see constant growth. With the potential for 1000s of luxury sellers worldwide this marketplace and MILL token has huge use potential.

MILL token can be obtained as an investment as this token is being sold on the exchange, we believe our investors will see long term gains as the platform and partnerships grow. MILL token will be available on the Etherdelta exchange and more exchanges in the near future.


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