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Audio Visual Art

We recently stumbled across a company that impressed us so much we had to stop and pay attention, the company AudioVisual Art is a Italian based firm specialising in luxury unique speakers. The speakers are of a new world of quality boasting rich impressive sound quality and standing tall like a statue of crafted art in any space. features materials such as carbon fibre, wood and gold metals its the show piece for a home of the wealthy.

We will be featuring more on AudioVisual Art  in the near future…


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Lacie x Porsche External Hard drive



For anybody who works on the move an external hard drive is an essential item. If you like to do the little things in style whilst having top quality Lacie have released the Porsche designed hard drive

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Mag-Lev Audio Turntable

Mag-Lev have launched a turntable which breaks all rules and bounderies by having a levitating platter. This beautiful craftmanship and technology combined could well be the future of turntables.


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Apples new MacBook pro lets you skip Youtube Ads

Yes you read it correctly, Apples new MacBook pro enables you to get past what is probably the most annoying feature on Youtube, the adverts. Apples New Macbook pro hasn’t received the best reaction after being revealed recently due to its lack of innovation in comparison to Microsoft.  Apple have continued the trend of removing basic features on the macbook pro such no ESC and Function keys, netherless we believe the Macbook pro will be another success for apple due to the touch bar. Cant wait to test one at the Millionaire Shopping Club office soon.


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