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Geneva International Motor Show 2019

Back for another year, the Geneva International Motor show returns on the 7 – 17th of March this year. For those among you that are gear-heads or car enthusiasts this is one exhibition that you shouldn’t miss. Nearly every major car manufacturer will be attending display all the latest releases and innovations.

But for those that prefer those a bit more unique, GIMS also has its fair share of interesting concepts and classic cars. Something can be found for everyone at GIMS, so for information or to book your tickets follow this link.

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Superleggera Sciàdipersia

The Sciàdipersia is a four-seater fuoriserie coupe.
It is hand-built exclusively to order, in a strictly limited edition of no more than 10 examples.A modern manifestation of the romance of travel, evoking the ethos of the Orient Express on four wheels, it is large, powerful, luxurious, but cleverly designed to disguise its size. Mastery of design and craftsmanship lighten the appearance, adding an ethereal, diaphanous quality.

The Sciàdipersia is based on the Maserati GranTurismo rolling chassis. Touring recreates the association with a royal gran turismo Maserati to deliver the exclusive pleasure of a car designed to the owner’s individual taste.

Stunning beauty, exclusivity, quality of execution, heritage and a noble mechanical base assure the fortunate owner of an increase in the value of their investment over time.
Sciàdipersia is the paradigm of the art of coach building.

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Top Marques 2019

Next year’s Top Marques Monaco presented by events’ company Monaco Check-In will be held from May 30th to June 2nd in the Grimaldi Forum, a stone’s throw from the waterfront.

The 2019 Edition will offer visitors the chance to see –  and buy – a diversified selection of high-quality exhibits, in partiular, thanks to the display of some of the rarest supercars in the world, as well as other products linked to the supercar industry. There will also be luxurious areas specifically designated for exceptional timepieces, bespoke jewellery, superboats and the latest transport innovations.

Top Marues Monaco will be open from Thursday May 30th – Sunday June 2nd from 10 am to 7.30pm. Tickets can be bought here.

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London Classic car Show @ London Excell

We are super excited at the next Classic Car show being held at London Excel on the on the 14th -17th February

This year the London Classic Car Show celebrate the incredible career of Ian Callum, Jaguars director of design. The show will see Ian receive the London Classic Car Show award for 2019 and well as feature a celebratory exhibition of his work.

The Show will also include a collection of historical aero engine cars, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Italian job, the historic motorsport area and the course.

Premium tickets also available for this event in the grandstand seating for the trackside parade

Tickets are available now from the website




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Top 7 Supercars of 2018

In this post were going to celebrate some of the greatest mid-engine, upper level performance cars, while not the highest we can go this is one of our favorite kinds of car, and exactly what most think of when you picture Ferraris, McLarens and other of that calibre. The following cars are in no particular order as we couldn’t agree which were better than the others just that they were all worthy of a spot on this list.

McLaren 720S

The McLaren 720S has succeeded in both of its predecessors, the 650S and the MP4-12C by way of it just being better in nigh on every way.

There are few ways for supercars to assert dominance over the others in this bracket, but the three that people most seem to care about are: Acceleration, Lap times, Braking
and the 720S has all three in spades, to the degree where it seems to be more of a competition for hyper-cars than its mid-engined opponents.

Vencer Sarthe

The Vencer Sarthe is the latest in a long line of niche cottage-industry supercars to reach out to a Chevrolet ‘small block’ V8 customer engine in order to supply its power – but there’s plenty of it. Tuned by American performance specialists Hennessey, the Sarthe’s 6.3-litre supercharged lump produces 622bhp, and gives the car the promise of performance every bit as good as this class’ leading lights.

Spyker C8 Aileron

The makers of the Spyker C8 Aileron clearly aren’t a bunch of people who worry about shaking up the status quo. Having dabbled on the Formula One grid in the last decade and hit the headlines by owning Swedish car-maker Saab before taking it into bankruptcy, Spyker has been serving a small but singular following with rare-groove performance cars all the while. Though not as fast as some of its rivals its steering and drive has been labeled as having “plenty of charm and feel”, making it one of the more desirable super-cars around today.

Ferrari 488 GTB

A list like this would not be complete with out one of the most iconic super-car manufacturers, Ferrari.
Year after year they continue to amaze with each new car that they reveal and this the Ferrari 488 GTB is no different.
It took a car from what felt like another dimension of outright pace and purposefulness to depose Maranello’s excellent 488 GTB from its glorious former perch in this class. Even now there are some at Autocar HQ who prefer the more bombastic character, more dramatic-sounding turbo V8 engine and more indulgent limit handling manners of Ferrari’s take on the super-car concept than McLaren’s quicker but more single-minded one.

Ford GT

One of the absolute icons of super-car history the Ford GT can never in good conscience be ignored.
With more than half a century of pedigree, stretching back to the GT40’s numerous victories at Le Man’s none can dispute its place among super-car royalty.
And nothing more needs saying about that!

Lamborghini Aventador

A Lamborghini Aventador is a prime example of the super-car family, this car is probably one of the most common posters on adolescents walls since its unveiling.
A drive in Sant’Agata’s twelve 12-cylinder, mid-engined series-production flagship supercar is not something you’ll forget. The Aventador’s line goes all the way back through Murcielago, Diablo and Countach to the legendary Miura – and it’s a car with the stunning looks and full-blooded naked aggression to hold its own, even in comparison with its ancestors.

Lamborghini Huracan

Only the makers of the world’s rarest and most expensive, handbuilt automotive exotics can now really compete with Lamborghini when it comes to creating cars of pure combustive drama, traffic-stopping looks and feral, unfettered soul.The Huracan may be the firm’s entry-level model but it’s no second-order offering when it comes to its sensational styling or its fantastically wild, naturally aspirated V10 engine: a motor that over-delivers in equal measure on speed, responsiveness and audible character.

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