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ABT Audi RS6-E 1000BHP Monster

ABT Audi RS6-E


ABT are back at it again with its latest take on Audis RS6 entitled the RS6-E, boasting a 4lire V8 producing over 1000BHP this Audi is no slouch. 0-60mph is a swift 3.3 seconds leaving most supercars on the starting line. This Audi RS6 really is the real deal.

Currently the RS6-E is just a prototype and ABT want to put this animal in to production, lets hope they do.

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Diamond Car Mats

Recently surfing the internet and discovered the most amazing car mats I’ve ever seen made by Diamond Car mats, The mats are custom fitted and also cover 95% of the rear carpets.

The design is amazing and presents a high end premium look, this is what every luxury car should have, so why don’t they, well maybe they would cost too much but in the case of diamond car mats the prices very affordable. 

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Theres a new high performance BMW in town and this one is going to blow all the competition to bits , its the new BMW m(, Bmws flagship sports gran coupe. The M8 version of the 8 Series will be a completely different beast to the regular 8 Series, power upon power, the M8 one mouth-watering, and also mildly terrifying car.

It’s all part of a clear brief that BMW has set itself for the 8 Series – keep the car as focused as possible. As such, this car will sit at the top of the BMW sports car tree – 7 Series leads on tech, 8 Series is the lead athlete. And although that job was previously done by the 6 Series, the 8 isn’t a replacement for it. BMW isn’t killing the 6 off.

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Ricciardo wins in Monaco F1 2018

Red Bull Racing star Daniel Ricciardo claimed a dominant win in the Monaco Grand Prix despite suffering from a powertrain problem for the bulk of the race.

The Australian dominated the weekend, setting the fastest time in every practice session before qualifying on pole. He then controlled the early stages of the race ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, until suddenly suffering from a loss of power due to a failure of his energy recovery system of his car’s Tag Heuer-badged Renault engines.

Ricciardo was forced to drive without using his top two gears for the bulk of the event – with Red Bull estimating he lost around 25% of his engine’s power – but he was able to fend off Vettel on the tight street circuit, and even pulled clear in the closing stages when Vettel struggled with his tyres.

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Monte Carlo Luxury Cars

When it comes to Luxury car rental in europe, you can’t not mention Monte Carlo Luxury Cars, the Milan based company offers a wide choice in super cars for rental from Lamborghini Aventadoir, Ferrari 488, Porsche 911 just to name a few.  Whether a special occasion or just traveling in style in the south of france, Monte Carlo Luxury Cars should be at the top of the car rental list.

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